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How do I book an appointment?

You book your appointment by sending an appointment request. First you may choose your preferred therapist. Than you pick your favourite date, time, music and more. We will confirm your appointment by email as soon as possible.

I want to come today. Is this possible?

Check our availability and you will see if there is any time slot open today. If so, you complete the form and send your request. We will confirm your appointment by email as soon as possible.

Can I choose my therapist?

Yes. You may choose your therapist and than you fill in the appointment form. You receive a confirmation email of your booking including the name of the therapist, so you always know in advance who will provide your massage. Check out the presentation of the therapists.

When will I receive a confirmation?

After sending your appointment request you will receive an automatically generated email to confirm the submission of your request. Later we send you a confirmation of your appointment by hand. We try to reply as soon as possible. Please also check your email address, provided while booking your appointment. We use this address for both emails. If you did not receive any email after 24 hours, please contact us through our contact form.

I want to make a booking, but my preferred date is not mentioned in the list.

We indicate our availability per day for at least one week in advance. You may send a request for a later date. Please click any date and write your requested date/time under ‘remarks’. We’ll let you know as soon as possible if your request is possible. If a date is missing within the indicated availability, that means that we are fully booked that day. Keep an eye on our availability, for sometimes we have a cancellation so a timeslot may become available. If you have chosen a therapist, you may check out if the other therapist is available.

Can I have my massage at another starting time?

The mentioned starting times can be changed to your convenience. If you wish to get your massage at another time than the mentioned one, leave a remark in the booking form with your preferred time. We send you a confirmation if your starting time is no problem, or we let you know our possibilities.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment at any time. Please ensure you do this as early as possible, but even last minute cancellations are welcome, so we do not worry about you if you don’t show up.

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