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Massage and music is a perfect combination, so choose your playlist to accompany your massage. Our playlists are specially designed to profound your massage experience. So add this extra dimension with your preferred playlist.



Classical  enjoy the beauty and diversity of classical music. Composers: Beethoven, Ravel, Mozart, Grieg, Tchaikovsky and others.

Baroque  selection of relaxing music from the Baroque period. Composers: Handel, Bach, Porpora, Telemann and others.



Jazz  an easy listening collection of jazz ballads, sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Nina Simone and others.

Lounge  a lounge music selection, put together by DJs from the Netherlands, Iceland and Spain.

Songs  easy listening ballads. This is your playlist if you love the human voice.

World  music from all over the globe, and in many different languages.



Wellness  selection of new age music. The ultimate sound to accompany your relaxation massage.

Piano  enjoy the relaxing sound of the piano with music composed by Pärt, Glass, Satie and Einaudi.

Sleep  music made to let your thoughts drift away, leaving your daily business completely behind. Warning: it won’t be easy not to fall asleep while listening to this playlist.



mix of classical and baroque

mix of jazz, lounge, songs and world

mix of all above mentioned music selections


Silence  without music.


You can indicate your preferred music in the appointment form.